Boston Photographer: Andrew Dunne 


Beatrice is a Boston native working  Artist and Union Welder who has made a lot of personal efforts to acquire training to become the empowered woman she aims to be. 

Beatrice's strong desire to create entails many different mediums and tools to express her passions and how she views her surroundings. She creates through photography, painting using acrylic, oil, and spray paint, wood burning art and universal wood working projects and including welding. 

Her vision is inspired by music,traveling, nature, history and various cultures. Her own art teaches her core values of discipline,integrity, respect, compassion and perseverance. 

Beatrice enjoys connecting and collaborating with her fellow union peers and artists from many different backgrounds to rebuild or create a positive impact in communities.

Her goal is to provide a place to promote other emerging artist's as well as share her online studio with a diverse audience who can view, share and purchase art. 

Dedicated in loving memory to my father and amazing artist Victor E. Roman from whom I inherited my passion for art and compassion for people.